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Windsurfing in Poreč

Welcome to the Website of windsurfing center ProSurf!

Windsurfing is a wonderful and very varied water sports. You will enjoy in this sport irrespective of your knowledge level, the reason is because there is a variety of equipment for each level of knowledge and for all weather conditions. Regardless of weather, wind strength, wave height, power of the sea currents, with windsurf you can navigate without any problems. Welcome to ProSurf

Test course

The test course lasts 2 hours, one hour of theoretical lesson on the simulator and one practical on water. The aim for the test course is to offer beginners an opportunity to try windsurfing in order to be able to decide whether they have the necessary skills to take the standard course. If you decide to continue and join the basic course, its price will be lowered by the amount of the test course

Standard course

The standard course lasts 8 hours divided in 4 days. After the first hour on the simulator, which includes also the theoretical part of the course, you will spend the next 7 hours with the instructor on water. The theory includes lessons in wind direction, sailing positions, sailing up the wind and down the wind, tacking and simple jibe. After finishing this course, you will be able to windsurf independently in light or middle wind conditions.

Extended course

The extended course lasts 12 hours divided in 6 days. After finishing the standard course of 8 hours, you can take 4 hours extra lessons with instructor for improve your windsurfing technique. The aim of the course is to learn to sail safely and to enjoy it.

To the course can attend all the people from Croatia and foreign countries, independent of the age and sex,the only condition is the knowledge of swimming. The courses are maintaining from 1.05. till 15.09.More About Courses

map-porecOur location

ProSurf center Pical-Poreč

Is situated 3km north of the center of Poreč in Špadići near at the hotel Pinia. This spot is ideal for beginners and freeride learners. Favorable winds are south, southwest and west wind directions.Our Location

Sport and active

Our centers are situated on attractive location by the sea, close to beautiful beaches and the crystal clear sea.Enjoy in our beaches with the mild Mediterranean climate and have fun with windsurfing in the pleasant company of our instructors.Experience a unique sensation with windsurfing, for those who prefer a more active holiday.Treat yourself to a relaxing dream by the sea and wind that will give you indescribable feeling of freedom and pleasure.Center

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