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Windsurfing is a wonderful and very interesting water sport. You will enjoy in this sport irrespective of your knowledge level, the reason is because there is a variety of equipment for each level of knowledge and for all weather conditions. Another charm of this sport is that boards and sails used by champions are avaliable in any surf shop and you can buy it too.

Regardless of weather, wind strength, wave height, power of the sea currents, with windsurf you can navigate without any problems. Experienced windsurfers perform acrobatics and almost unimaginable combinations of tricks, similar to the skateboarder tricks on the land. Even with slow wind, with a large board you can perform various tricks, while those more skilled perform tricks with small boards in a strong wind with small boards. Especially attractive are jumps up to several meters in height, which are performed by professionals in all possible variations.

Beginners can enjoy this sport from the first moment on the water, because of these challenges imposed from the wind and waves, and even before you have learned the basics of windsurfing. Many people are fascinated of gliding on the water, this is so attractive and gives indescribable sense of freedom. That's why many people become permanently "addicts" of windsurfing.

Windsurfing is not only a interesting water sport, but is also very easy to learn. Wide and stable boards and light sails of different sizes make learning easier today than ever before. After only basic course which last 8 hours, you will be able to surf independently. Besides the technique, on the lessons you will learn some basic rules about safety and how to behave while on the water, which will help you to start without any risk. The course will definitely give you the basic knowledge necessary to enjoy in windsurfing safely.

Progress in windsurfing depends primarily on you, about your capabilities and willingness to become even better. Measure of windsurfing ability is the time spent on the surf board. Windsurfing is designed for fun, enjoy the moments spent on the water and in the company of other fans of this sport.

If you want to try the freedom we are talking about, get in touch and try windsurfing with us.